Why your training at ITW is the right thing to do

We qualify the specialists of tomorrow by profound conviction. We attach great importance to the quality of our training. Our trainees do not only ensure the perfect level of skilled work in the future; they are also the key to our current and on-going success. That’s why your coach is always at your side. You work closely together and he will accompany you on your way to becoming an expert.

If you decide to train at ITW, you will be in good company. Many of our employees started their career as trainees at ITW and used their training as basis for their further in-house success.

This is what we offer during your training:

  • Responsibility from the start
  • Multi-faceted insights into the many different departments within the company
  • Close mentoring by your coach in your specialized field
  • Encouragement of independent action
  • Very good chances of being retained after training
  • Trips with other trainees

We want to provide you with high-quality training, teach you everything you will need for your later professional career. This does not stop with teaching the specific know-how and special skills; we will also develop, strengthen and extend your social skills.

We want to create jobs which require training to regain attractiveness and recognition. For this reason we participate in the "Mach Du Dein Ding!" (Do Your Thing) campaign

If you’re not quite sure what type of ITW training is exactly Your Thing, you might want to consider a pupil internship. It can help you find out what your strengths are and what you enjoy the most.

Possibilities for students?

This is what our trainees say

Our company has always attached great importance to the training of the specialists of tomorrow. Let them inspire you.

Possibilities for students

True to the motto "Out of the chair - off to Body & Fuel!" we offer students many possibilities to add precious hands-on experience to their theoretical studies. At ITW, you gain profound insight into your future work environment and get to know the automotive sector from a totally new perspective.

We offer

  • Student trainee activities

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Tips for your job interview

We have compiled a list of tips for job interviews which will get you through smoothly:

  • Get informed
  • Get prepared
  • Make a good appearance
  • Be punctual
  • Stay open and honest
  • Stay calm
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